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Summer Camp 2013
26th July 2013

Summer Camp 2013 news article We are off on camp tomorrow mooring - look out for our updates in the Summer Camp 2013 tab ...

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Summer Camp 2013 Bushy Wood

26th July 2013  23.28

We are due to meet at the Scout Hall in 9 hours time

Photos from the camp will be posted to


Check back regularly for updates


Report for Day 1: Saturday 27th July - An eventful first day at camp !

We met at the hall as planned at 8.30am on Saturday morning and set off at 9am exactly! By 10.30 we had all arrived safely at the campsite, the sun was shining and everyone was in good spirits.   

We soon set about putting up the tents while the sun was shining and the Scouts and Explorers were soon moving moving in to their home for the week with a little help from the leaders (well Bob was our chief sorter outer).

After our packed lunches the sky turned black and a massive flash of lightening and crack of thunder signalled the real start of camp. It then rained solidly until about 11pm! Unfortunately the lightening took out the electricity. We have a gas cooker so no problem - except the gas cooker wouldn't work without the electric extractor fan. It will be back on soon so no problem.

At 4.30 pm it was decided that dinner (Spaghetti Bolognase) would have to be cooked on open fires - and the Scouts and Explorers did an excellent job in the rain.

In the evening we all retreated into our tilley lit hall for a quiz with the rain continuing to fall outside.

By the time the leaders went to bed having made sure all the Scouts and Explorers were safety tucked up in their new tents the electricity still hadn't returned. Would it be back in time to cook the Sunday roast???

An eventful but fun day with everyone in good spirits and having had a day for remember.

Report for Day 2: Sunday 28th July - Setting in to camp life

Paula then Gavin were the first up this Morning and were relieved to find the power on. By 7am the pork joints were in the oven ready for Sunday roast.

After breakfast the morning was spent in groups completing 4 onsite activities. Trudi and Kim explained how to use our hammocks and tarps.  Gordon and Kevin supervised the onsite mountain biking course, Rachael ensured everyone could use our GPS's and Gavin provided a map reading refresh and explained the use of our radios. Many of these skills will be put to the test later in the week! Bob continued to make sure that the Scouts tents were correctly erected and generally looking after us - thank you Bob.

After a lovely roast lunch prepared by Alex, Gill and Paula we all had a fun couple of hours of silly it's a knockout type games, It proved to be highly competitive and the water balloons, as always, provided the highlight!

Following it's a knockout we had a quick "afternoon tea" before heading off for 10 ten pin bowling. Everyone enjoyed the outing and there were some very impressive scores. Ther winners of the trophies will be revealed .... later this week!

On returning to the campsite there was time for a quick supper followed by a quick game of man hunt.

It feels like we have been at camp for a long time and hard to believe it is only the end of day 2! 

We regret to announce this blog has beeen delayed due to..... 

Sorry for delay in this update - we had internet problems yesterday - if future updates are delayed or photos don't appear it will probably be the same problem. Things always seem to get a bit mad at the end of camp so I'm not sure when the final update will appear. We will continue to complete the blog and update photos after the camp.

Report for Day 3: Monday 29th July - Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters 

It was a blustery start to Monday Monday.  After a continental style breakfast we set of for Beachy Head.  We had a short walk along the cliffs - it was quite windy but reasonably clear. We had a group photo then moves further along the cliff for a peak over the edge (from a safe distance) and photos. I will try to upload all the photos  - if you child doesn't appear - they didn't want a photo  - sorry. 

We then moved onto the Seven Sisters Country Park. After a packed lunch in the woods we split into two groups.   One of the sessions was Mountain Biking around Friston Forest. Most of the route was described as a family trail but even this had a couple of long steep hills. Some of the Scouts and Explorers took on a couple of more technical mountain Biking  - single track (narrow) downhill winding between trees and over lumps and bumps. The other group took a walk for the visitor centre down towards the sea besides the Cuckmere River. It turned into a lovely warm afternoon and the everyone enjoyed the ramble - taking in a few geocaches for those that were interested.

After a Dinner of Bangers and Mash  it was time for a relaxing evening with a film on offer (along with popcorn from our brand new machine) or a few games of cards.

Report for Day 4: Tuesday 30th July - Science Centre and Watersports

We awoke to another wet and windy morning. After a quick breakfast we were off to Herstmonceux Science Centre. We enjoyed several hours at the Science park working towards the Scouts Astronomy Badge and Explorer Science Badge.  We had a tour of an observatory, a Science Show and a workshop on astronomy as well as enjoying a wide range of indoor and outdoor hands on exhibits. The rain continued and the wind blowed but this did not detract for an interesting visit.

From the Science Park we headed straight (well not that straight due to Gavin's map reading) to Eastbourne. We were planned to Saling, Windsurfing and Canoeing on the sear. However, the large waves meant that we moved to a nearby lake for our Watersports.  We were split into three groups and had about 45 minutes on each activity.  It was a really popular activity and the Watersport centre staff were excellent at ensuring all the Scouts and Explorers enjoyed themselves. We all have warm wetsuits, bouyancy aids and helmets to keep us safe and warm.  After a safety briefing and warm up exercises we were soon on the water trying out the activities. By the end of the session everyone had tried all the activities and made some really good progress with skills and had fun.   Most managed to capsize the sailing dinghies in the blustary conditions.

After a Chip supper the explorers settled down for a film while the scouts relaxed before bed.

Report for Day 5: Wednesday 31th July - Eastbourne

A lazy morning followed by a fun afternoon evening in Eastbourne with Swimming, Crazy golf, amusements and fireworks to finish.

Day six: Thursday 1st August - Operation X.

The Scouts and Explorers have started this year's operation X - which is I'm a Celebrity. Who will be king and king of the jungle?

Thank for the messages. 

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write in.  The Messages have been passed on to the Scouts and Explorers. 

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