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Summer Camp 2013
26th July 2013

Summer Camp 2013 news article We are off on camp tomorrow mooring - look out for our updates in the Summer Camp 2013 tab ...

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Cornwall 2010

 This camp took place a few years ago but gives you a good idea of what we get up to. We now produce a video of our Summer Camps


Final "live update" from Nine Ashes - Day 9 - 22.10 hrs

All is quiet in the Nine Ashes House (apart from the popping balloons).

Our camp is drawing to a close. We spent this afternoon on the beach and the sun finally shone for us (although the sea was still a little chilly!).

We are going to have an early (ish) night as we will be up around 6am to pack, drop the tents and breakfast. We are hoping to leave at 9am and be back in Dartford around 4pm.

All the young people seem to have enjoyed the week, most have tried at least one new activity and hopefully learned a few lessons that might help them in their lives (including washing up and remembering the correct kit for an activity).

We will complete this section in early September and the kids will prepare a presentation for families in October.

I strongly suggest you ring  during early Sunday afternoon to monitor our progress as the traffic can be unpredictable.

I look forward to seeing you at the Scout Hall - please do help us pack all the kit away - the kids will be dismissed from the Scout Hall.

Time for a quick cup of Hot Chocolate!

Thanks for looking.




Scroll down for the story so far.....

 Day 1 in the nine Ashes House Friday 30th July 2010 - 23.40

So off we went at 8am to start our camp in Washaway, Cornwall. The journey was long but ok we all made it fun with the people we were travelling with. On our travels we stopped for a toilet break, we then sat in traffic for a little while, many of us were thinking ' oh great this is fun' then we could see stone henge this was a highlight of the journey.

Some of us in the mini bus with Jill Holford were also amused by the farm animals :)

Soon after we stopped for lunch (Yummy!) unfortunatly Kelvin began to be his usual self and was messing around throwing little twigs at some of the explorers, Rosie being silly found a bigger stick and hit Kelvin on the head taking a chunk of skin off the top of his head so he has lost a few more hairs, because of this he went moaning to Jill (His Mate!). His thought for messing around!

We shortly arrived here at Nine Ashes, group kit was out, and tents were up in no time at all, while Jill and June nicely arranged their kitchen and set off making our dinner :) However this is when the rain started :( hopefully it brightens up for our trip to the beach tomorrow.

Everything is going smoothly, hopefully this will be the way for the rest of the week. We will keep you informed.

Look at the gallery for todays photos

Trudi and Sophie


Day 2 in the Nine Ashes campsite Saturday 31st July 2010 -21.43

After having an "early night" we were rudely woken up by Kelvin singing " THE MORNING HAS BROKEN" outside our tent. Flag break was at 9.30 and Adam White was the man to open our camp by solluting the flag.

The explorers were then lead into the wood for a surprise activity, before our trip to the beach. The big surprise was for us to learn the skills of the hammock! some people how ever found this more challenging than others by flipping themselves over the hammock. SALLY! We then decided that one person in a hammock could get lonely and so we tested the hamocks for two. Very comfortable.

After our turn in the hammocks was the scouts, who managed to pick up the craft very quickly. While the big children sat in the hall making friendship bracelets, origami and ballon animals. However Rob and Liam invented there own frankenstien balloon monster.

After a Saturday roast we were off to the beach. And just as we left the rain came to greet us to cornwall. AGAIN! Flipfloops and shorts we all ran onto the beach surrounded by suffers and people in wet suits. A few of the explorers braved the English coast in a padle but soon gave up leaving me and Trudi, and occasionally Matthewww, Philip and Alex to help with the scouts, and 2 cubs. As the waves got rougher and taller me and Trudi decided to go out even further, to play "jump the wave" with Emily, Mia and Mazie.

Dripping wet me and Trudi returned to our lovely dry friends, enjoying a game of volley ball against the scouts, and a few of the leaders soon became very competetive.A few sand castles later we were ready to leave and have a "warm" shower. once we returned to the campsite we prepared for shower to remove the beach. However the explorer girls soon realised that there was 2 showers and they were either boiling hot (if you were one of the first) or freezing cold (if you were one of the last) unfortunataly there is no happy medium.

Today's photos are in the gallery

Penny and Sally x

 Day 3 at the Nine Ashes Campsite 8.35 pm


Today, 1st of august ,we got up really early and had breakfast. Then we set off for rock climbing and the other half of the group set off for sailing. When we got to where we were climbing we saw huge rocks that had alot of cracks in were we could put our hands and feet. Ellie managed to be the first one to climb to the top of the most difficult ,high rock.

When we had left rock climbing we set off for sailing when it was freezing cold and wet! We got in our swimming costumes and wetsuits and was taught how to sail the boat. When we eventually got in the water we found it was quite warm but very dirty. I was in a boat with Ellie, when i was steering the boat she had to duck under the pole  (boom) and go to the other side of the boat as she did that she screamed her head off so loud that they could hear her on the shore. After that we were taught how to capsise the boat without getting wet Ellie capsised the boat but i didnt because i was a chicken, of course we didnt manage to capsise the boat without getting wet but the instructer did.

Overall today was a great day and everyone enjoyed it

Chantay and Ellie x


Sunday part 2, Rock Climbing :)

Kelvin and some of the explorers set off early on a scenic route towards Rouche Rocks. We set up three lines around different parts of the rock and where then joined by Gavin and the scouts who quickly started to tackle the rocks, even though it was raining. It looked as if all of the scouts enjoyed it and most of them managed to climb all three ropes. Once the scouts had finished we had some lunch and was shortly joined by the Gordon with some of the explorers and Maizie. Sally set off straight away and was immediatly getting annoyed by Kelvin and others forcing her to draw blood from her knees, which Jill thought was really bad turned out to be just a little scratch, which required kelvin to turn his camera to macro mode to get a picture of it. Maizie set off and climbed the rocks and had a good time, even though it took a little persuausion to get Maizie to come down.

 Despite the rain everyone had a good time climbing and there may be more later in the week.

 Please see the pictures of today in the tab on the left.

 By Maizie and Matthewww :D


Day 4 at the Nine Ashes Campsite - 9.35pm

Today we got up at 8.00am ( well we were meant to but most of us got up at half past ). We were all around the flagpole for flagbreak in our matching t-shirts before we got into the minibuses and made our way to Cornwall's Creally Adventure Park. We were told not to get our hopes up as there were not many rides there but we ended up having a really good time. As soon as the meeting point was arranged for lunchtime, all you could see was a sea of purple tops charging in every direction!!! The water rides were hilarious and as you can see we all got soaking wet, especially Rachel who attempted to keep dry by wearing her raincoat hood to cover her face ( but it didn't really work... ). We all got lost for about two hours in the haunted house as we were all drawn to the massive drop slide in the middle, except later we all discovered two even bigger drop slides that we all tumbled down and got friction burns on!!! We all had such a good day that some of us opted to stay there a little longer and go on the log rides and the slides just one more time. 

Tomorow we will be visiting the Eden project in the morning and some of us will be trying a little bit of surfing. Check back tomorow to see what we got up to and don't forget to look at all the exciting pictures from today ( just click on the tabs on the left )!!

  By Alex and Georgina Clark :D


Day 5 at Nine Ashes - 21.15pm

today at the Eden project was great fun it was cool seeing all the plants and we got to expririence the life in the rain forest it was soooooooooooooooooo! HOT lucky there was a big fridge there and it was funny playing with the magnets on the wall of fridges

by Liam and Kai =D

this afternoon 25 of us headed to the beach for some surfing. first we all got kitted up with wet suits and most of us looked like compleat tarts. Soon after we walked on to the beach with our bords and did a few begining tips on how to use it. Then we went into the sea for our first little session and we tried the basics. then after about 10 minutes we got told how to stand up. we all had a good go but only a few people actuly stood up on the bords. then we tried a diffrent way to stand up and had another session. by that time most of us had stood up. overal we all had a very good day.

by Dan Dora Green

click here to see some of the explorers dancing to rainforest music!

Day 6 (The camp just went manic, so much going on, kids going in all directions we are struggling to keep up with the web site. We have put the main items below and will keep filling in as we find a Scout or Explorer. They must be here somewhere.)

Have a look at day 8 link to keep you going 

Scout Coastering , Night Scout Hammocks in the woods

Explorer Biking

Day 7

Scout Biking

Explorer Coastering

Camp Fire

Day 8

Horse Riding, Explorer Hammock

click here to see Irish Dance Base

Day 9

Clear up , afternoon beach

Day 10

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